WHOA – Democrat Party’s SICK View On Cops EXPOSED…Leaked Docs REVEALED!

The Democrat Party is corrupt to its core. That is hardly ground shaking news.

However, today’s latest installment of hacked Democrat documents shows another side of the Democrats that is even uglier…anti-cop and anti-gay!

The Conservative Tribune reported on the latest revelations…

The infamous hacker(s) known as “Guccifer 2.0” has struck again, this time leaking internal documents from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee online on Monday that offered a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Democrat Party’s internal workings in Florida.

How bad is it? This bad…

…some of them also included highly critical background research information on certain Democrat primary candidates.

One such candidate was Bob Poe, a former state party leader running for the District 10 seat who was viewed as too pro-business and pro-police when compared with more progressive Democrats.

Hypocritically, the supposed party of LGBT individuals ripped the openly gay Poe for cheating on his former wife and abandoning his family.

Today’s Democrat Party — Anti-Cop, Anti-Gay, Anti-Business. The ads write themselves!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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