VICTORY: Judge Crushes Democrat Power Grab…Obama Is Furious!

It’s safe to say that Donald Trump has his work cut out for him.

After eight years of a radical, liberal President, our government has been turned into a social experiment. Instead of hiring the best people run our agencies, Obama appointed political buddies, crazed Socialists, or people that would make him look good on TV.

These weren’t the right people for the job and we’ve seen the terrible damage they’ve wrought on the country. From the State Department to the Justice Department, Obama’s cronies have run rampant in our government, only weakening our nation and reinventing our way of life.

While Trump will do quite a bit to correct these problems, Obama still has a month left in office to wreak havoc. And it seems, even when justice is done, his people are trying to undermine our country.

Thankfully, however, at least one judge opted to stop the insanity. From Red State:

Just last week a federal judge, ironically appointed by Obama, struck down blatantly illegal rules crafted by the Department of Labor to change the classification of many workers from managers to overtime-eligible employees…

It looked like this job killing madness had been stopped. After all it was plain that Trump was the next president and the proper thing to do would have been to let the incoming Secretary of Labor decide if an appeal was warranted. But propriety is not something any Obama appointee or supporter has ever been noted for. Rather, being dedicated little progressive fascists that they are, the Department of Labor has appealed the judge’s decision.



Even though Obama’s administration has very little time left to do anything, they are pushing fiercely to preserve the terrible decisions of the last eight years.

This classification would have put a significant burden on small businesses, driving many of them to close shop. It is yet another Socialist policy aimed at destroying our economy, not helping it thrive.

While Trump can and will overturn such foolish policies, the fact that Obama’s people still push for it, and at the eleventh hour, shows the depths of their bitterness. They know they can’t make it last; they’re only trying to create a frustrating and disorderly environment for the incoming President.

Instead of helping him transition effectively, they are doing everything in their power to resist him.

The character of the left has been exposed…again.

Source: Red State

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