BREAKING: Democrat “Rising Star” Found GUILTY…Criminal Charges Just ROCKED The Race!

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only “crooked” Democrat. Yet another woman, once touted as “rising star” in the party, who was touted as a future senator, has been brought down in a sordid scheme of her own making. Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was once in charge of enforcing her state’s laws, and now she’s charged with breaking them:

Back in 2014, Kane was the subject of a tough story from The Philadelphia Inquirer, titled: “Sources: Kathleen Kane shut down probe of Philly Democrats.”

According to CNN, Kane was furious, saying “I will not allow them to discredit me or our office.” She then took action. According to the criminal complaint, she proceeded to leak grand jury documents in retaliation.

Kane has now been found guilty of nine criminal charges, and faces at least seven years in prison. All because — ironically — she wanted revenge on those she said had tainted her “reputation.”

This is just the latest embarrassing evidence that the Democratic Party is venal and corrupt from top to bottom.

Credit: Independent Journal

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