REPORT: Democrat Tries To Pass INSANE Law!…Punish Men For Mast…

The democrats really can’t help themselves, can they?

After years of believing their own toxic, evil rhetoric, they’re moral compasses are so broken, they can’t even see the light when they try.

Ever since Roe v Wade the left has tried to justify the evil and barbaric practice of abortion–the eradication of an unborn child–so that they wouldn’t seem morally evil for supporting it. While millions of Americans are disgusted that we allow such a practice, many others think it’s not only needed, but the right thing to do in most cases.

Forgetting the many alternatives, like contraceptives and adoption, democrats and abortion lobbyists are so determined to protect the practice, that they’ve forgotten even the basic reality of the sanctity of human life.

Most Americans acknowledge that life begins at conception; a child growing in his mother’s womb is a person, who deserves respect and protection. The same liberals who fight for animal rights do not extend the same kind of decency for a human being.

Which is why we often hear about this kind of offensive hypocrisy. And why it always blows up in their faces.

From The Daily Wire:

Democratic Texas state Rep. Jessica Farrar thinks there’s an equivalence between killing an unborn child and a man masturbating.

In an attempt to paint pro-life legislation as sexist, Farrar introduced a “satirical” measure to fine men $100 for their “masturbatory emissions.” The bill cites each “emission” outside of a vagina “an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life…”

It gets even more nonsensical: The bill also states that doctors could refuse to perform vasectomies based on moral grounds, which is moronic since the equivalent of a vasectomy is a female getting her tubes tied. Doctors can and have refused to do both, because that’s how the free market works. So, (1) this is not the same as abortion, and (2) there is no sexist component…

Again, what does any of this have to do with killing an unborn child?

This legislation is clearly not meant to be passed. But its offensiveness extends beyond the waste of time and resources it took to craft it. It shows how Jessica Farrar is so callus toward human life, that she’d make a joke out of the pro-lifer’s stance.

She is so out-of-touch with basic concepts like human dignity and biology, that she’d insult the very process that produces people. She thinks abortion is a joke; that human life is a joke. That is unacceptable.

But this is the modern left: people so void of conscience that they’d mock the murder of countless Americans, even applaud it as some kind of win for women’s rights.

It’s high time we told these people they’re leadership is no longer wanted in America.

The people are Texas have a duty to oust this women, once and for all.

Source: The Daily Wire

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