WOW! Democrats Asked To Name ONE Hillary Achievement…The Answers Are STUNNING [WATCH]

The Democrats really have few legs to stand on in this election. While GOP candidate Donald Trump has a long list of accomplishments, as a businessman, leader, and most importantly a father, Hillary Clinton has a laundry list of faults and crimes.

Outside of being first lady, something given to her, or secretary of state, a position given to her, there is little the woman can boast about.

Even her time as New York senator, there was little to show for her time.

The fact remains that there is no reason for anyone to support her, outside of the fact she might be the first woman president. There are no significant accomplishments on her record, nothing to suggest she will be a good president.

But don’t take my word for it, just listen to her own supporters.

From Allen B. West:

How to stump a Hillary Clinton supporter: ask them to name a single one of her accomplishments.

There are countless “man on the street” videos stumping Hillary Clinton supporters with that simple question, many of them thinking being a woman alone is an accomplishment worthy of qualifying her for the presidency. But apparently even her colleagues can’t list a single accomplishment of the candidate whom Barack Obama described as the most qualified presidential candidate in history (using a very low bar, apparently).

Check out these videos for proof.

It’s amazing that even her supporters waffle and make excuses for her. They can’t point to a single, concrete accomplishment during her time as secretary of state, senator, or first lady.

You’d think that a woman in politics for over thirty years would have something on record, but according to these people, she doesn’t.

So why are they willing to vote for a woman with nothing to her credit? Are Democrats so stupid they will vote for anyone, so long as they’re on the ticket?

Clearly the rest of American needs to stand up to this Crooked Hillary. Let’s not let our nation’s fate be decided by a bunch of empty-headed sheep.

Source: Allen B. West

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