Whoa: Democrats Just Delivered Obama Terrible News…They Just Ruined Him For Good!

Obama has recently boasted that he could have won a third term if he’d been legally permitted to run again, but would that really have been great news for his own party?

The number is stark and impossible to spin in any kind of positive way:

In the eight years that Barack Obama served as president — supposedly one of the smartest and most popular and important, according to his more fanatical cheerleaders — the Democrats lost over 1000 seats at the state and federal levels of government.

Katherine Rodriguez reports for Breitbart:

Obama’s popularity failed to bring support for his allies. Although Hillary Clinton brought out the first family for numerous campaign appearances, the country voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Democratic U.S. Senate seats dropped from 55 to 46, their share of House seats fell from 256 seats to 194, and Democratic governorships fell from 28 to 16, according to figures from Ballotpedia.

Over the Obama years, Democrats lost 958 state legislative seats in the Tea Party wave of 2010 and the new movement that’s coalescing around Trump that has yet to be defined.

Of course, none of this matters much now, as Donald Trump prepares to usher in a new era in American politics.

Ironically, if Obama’s tenure was somehow responsible for all those Democratic losses down ballot, he may have accidentally helped Trump become his successor. It also means that Trump will have an easier time getting his agenda through because Republicans control the House and the Senate.

Historians will be analyzing Obama’s effect on American politics for generations to come. However, these particular numbers don’t lie. Perhaps after he has been out of office for some time and it stops being “politically incorrect” to criticize him, commentators will be forced to admit that Obama ushered in a “revolution” all right, but it was Trump’s revolution.

Source: Breitbart

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