Democrats Plan Detonation Of America’s Most Iconic Monument—Have They Gone Too Far?

In the wake of Charlottesville, the debate over Confederate monuments has been reopened.

Similar to the other times the debate has reared its head, absolutely nothing is being solved. All we have is a bunch of people yelling about it, and those that yell the loudest are getting all of the attention.

Of course, yelling hasn’t been good enough for some folks. Members of that camp have taken it upon themselves to go out and destroy monuments to satisfy their quest for justice.

That’s incredibly dangerous behavior that’s being inspired by incredibly dangerous thinking, and the same question keeps popping up in regards to it.

Where does it end?

If we, as a society, come to the conclusion that all monuments that commemorate Confederate figures must go, what do we do about the other blemishes on our nation’s history?

To drive that point home, the example of Mount Rushmore has been used quite a bit. Should we just go ahead and blow that up due to the sins of the men whose faces are adorned there?

That’s a pretty outrageous example, and most rational folks would deduce that we can’t do that. However, there’s also some  folks that suggest otherwise.

Louder with Crowder passes along one crystal clear example of that.

This comes from an op-ed penned by a passionate “activist” over at Vice:

Donald Trump says removing confederate statues is a slippery slope that could get out of control. Maybe he’s right – would that be such a bad thing?

If you read the above question and assumed the activist that penned the piece was about to hop on the soapbox, you would be right on the money.

More than ever, old monuments to famous white American men are being threatened in the name of progress. Far-right sites like the Daily Caller have been running with the theme, publishing alarmist takes with headlines like, “It’s Time to Blow Up Mount Rushmore.”

Which made me wonder: If Rushmore ever did get “blown up,” what should those dude be replaced with? Fact is, I’m not sure there is any American president worthy … I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.

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The above passage is more than enough to afford the activist the privilege of heading to the front of the liberal buffet line. Unsurprisingly, there was more that had to be said.  

Erecting these statues amounted to power moves by white people who felt threatened. And now that they are being toppled, and neo-Nazis fight against their removal, their true meaning has become clearer than ever.

[If] we will ever see a day when there is a serious push to blow up Rushmore and other monuments like it … I suspect I’d be onboard.

That’s a pretty telling statement. Expanding on the thoughts of ‘where does it end,’ the phrase “Rushmore and other monuments like it’ leaves a tremendous amount of wiggle room.

There have been no perfect presidents. There have also be no perfect elected officials. Nonetheless, scores of both are littered throughout our nation’s history.

Do we simply erase all of that because viewpoints have thankfully evolved since they were in power?   

The column was previously titled something akin to “Let’s Blow Up Mount Rushmore.” But Vice eventually changed it for reasons which are self-explanatory.

Quick question for leftists: have you no shame? People said, “pfft, what’s next, Mount Rushmore?” in jest. It was a rhetorical question, not a challenge. But rather than take the opportunity to show the world how rational you can be, you took it and turned it into a hold my beer while I blow this sh*t up moment.

There’s a lot more at play here than just the typical liberal hyperbole and hysteria.

Why do you think the mainstream media is pushing this story with such fervor and venom?

It’s pretty simple. Eventually, many hands will be thrown up over the unwinnable argument. That will be scored as a victory, and little resistance will be given to the issue before too long.

While it’s just a baby step forward on the part of the Left, every time an inch is given, a mile is taken.   

The Left is in the midst of their own form of a ‘seize the day’ moment, and a gigantic can of worms is being opened up on this one.
Source: Louder With Crowder

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