Oh The STUPID…Democrat’s New Gun Plan Will Make America LESS SAFE – Clueless!

The left’s war on the Second Amendment takes many forms. The worst by far is the systematic vilification of firearms. Most Americans who don’t own or operate a gun seem to have a fear of them. Guns to them are an evil entity, much like the One Ring of Mordor. In their minds, guns go off without warning and possess an inherent bloodlust.

While this is ridiculous and laughable by anyone whose owned or operated a gun, it’s the kind of stigma the left has pun on gun ownership. Movies and television portray guns as terrible objects that bring only death. Only criminals or cops use guns; regular citizens that do are brands as “nuts.”

This has caused many Americans to be alienated by gun ownership. Because of that, they don’t cry foul when Democrats push for unreasonable and unconstitutional gun restrictions. The most recent is completely ridiculous and is another attempt at preventing Americans from understanding the need for firearms.

From Breitbart:

On Tuesday Democrats in the House and Senate put forward legislation to bar individuals 16 years and younger from shooting AR-15s.

The bill also bars individuals 16 years and under from shooting a machine gun, and this would include “blocking [persons under 16] from firing the guns at a gun show or a gun range” even if their parents are present.

Now why would they do such a thing? It’s not because they fear thousands of children will hurt themselves. It’s because they know if children under 16 get used to using firearms at that age, they will grow up with a healthy understanding and appreciation for the Second Amendment. If Washington prevents children from learning how to use firearms–AR-15s or any other–they might grow up with the same irrational dislike for firearms that many Americans already have.

According to The Hill, the ban was put forth by Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ-7). Markey released a statement with the ban, saying, “The small hands of children and big power of machine guns are a deadly combination. Assault weapons are weapons of war and should not be allowed in the hands of children.”

Clearly Mr. Markey is an idiot. He’s never used an AR-15, or perhaps any gun for that matter. The “small hands” of children are competent enough to hold tools of all kinds. Under the supervision of an adult, they can easily operate a firearm as much as a pen, keyboard, or fork.

Markey also knows very little about war as well, as modern warfare uses far more sophisticated tools than AR’s.

The good news is this disgusting piece of legislation is expected to die very quickly.

Source: Breitbart

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