Democrats Threaten Electoral Mutiny…Trump’s Lawyer Issues BRUTAL Response – BOOM

What do Democrats think they’ll accomplish with their non-stop challenges to Trump’s election victory?

It certainly won’t earn them any goodwill from the average American? Do they really want to be remembered as sore losers who wasted millions of tax dollars on a futile effort to get the results changed and put Hillary Clinton in the White House?

It’s been over a month since election night, and the electoral college shenanigans are still going on, as Western Journalism reports:

Two Democratic electoral voters in Colorado filed a lawsuit challenging a state law that requires them to cast their ballots for the winner of the state’s popular vote. (…)

The two Coloradans — Polly Baca and Robert Nemanich — are leaders of a group called “Hamilton Electors” who are hoping to persuade their counterparts in other states to vote for a third-party candidate to keep Trump from receiving the 270 electoral votes he needs to win.

Trump’s team has assigned an attorney to argue on the president elect’s behalf, and he just dropped the hammer on them:

“[O]ne need look no further than the Complaint to see the real goal of Plaintiffs’ lawsuit,” Murray wrote. “Plaintiffs claim that ‘Donald Trump is unfit for office,’ and aim to deny him the presidency. It is little exaggeration, then, to say that this lawsuit threatens to impair the interests of the President-Elect and the Campaign.”

Murray responded that their lawsuit “threatens to undermine the many laws in other states that sensibly bind their electors’ votes to represent the will of the citizens, undermining the Electoral College in the process. That is why the President-elect and his Campaign seek to intervene in this case.”

Can you imagine the uproar if a defeated Republican was carrying on like this after losing to a Democrat? The news media, stand up comedians and liberals on social media would never let up with the name calling and insults.

What do these people expect to accomplish, except to increase unhealthy divisions and resentments among the populace? Come to think of it, maybe that is the real goal.

Source: Western Journalism

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