Dems Make Sick Demand For MELANIA After Trump Ends Their Favorite Program

The Left is more predictable than death and taxes these days.

With President Donald Trump pulling the plug on DACA, the Left predictably responded on cue with faux outrage and mock indignation.

But their latest attack just crossed a big red line, and the American people should make them pay for extending the attack beyond the President and his policies.

What line did they cross? Well, let’s just say they got personal. Real personal.

The Independent Journal Review reports:

Trump’s decision has caused a meltdown on the political left. Commenters, celebrities, former U.S. presidents, and foreign Presidents alike have issued scorching statements over the decision. However, one movement, in particular, has gained steam since the policy announcement.

The movement to “Deport Melania” is gaining steam on the internet.

While it may be satirical, assuming that there is no reasonable probability that the first lady of the United States will be deported, the hashtag #DeportMelania has exploded in the last few days, with over a million impressions since Monday, according to the analytic site, Keyhole.

FLOTUS was immediately attacked on social media, and it remains unclear why those that did so feel this was a good idea.

Do you really think that attacking Melania Trump will somehow make you look like the good guy or gal in this situation?

Common sense says that you won’t come out smelling like roses by pulling such a stunt, but that hasn’t proved to be a deterrent.

The argument goes like this: First Lady Melania Trump was an immigrant to America. Her work visa situation is a thing of controversy and her immigration papers are locked. At best, the argument is based on complete conjecture. Yet, groups are filing Freedom of Information Requests to see Melania’s immigration papers. According to the New York Daily News:

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to make public the potential first lady’s immigration papers after recent questions about whether she broke the law by working in the U.S. on a visa that would have prohibited it.

Thanks to these sleuths on social media, the Left now has a serious leg to stand on for a law that was jammed down the country’s collective throat to begin with.

Actually they don’t, but we wanted to see what it would be like to be detached from reality for a second as well.

DACA was implemented with the understanding that it would be dealt with in the future. The future is now, and no amount of insults or crass behavior will change that.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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