WHOA! What These Democrat Congressmen Just Said Has Trump Smiling…And Hillary Sweating

Things are looking up for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton…not so much.

Trump’s polling numbers continue to improve. #NeverTrump is collapsing into a sad parody of itself. The establishment is lining up behind him and the media seems unable to make anything stick.

For Hillary, her party is at war with itself. The drip of scandals, old and new, continue on a daily basis. Her numbers are going south and superdelegates are starting to give Bernie Sanders a second look. She is also staring down the barrel of two more primary losses today.

The last thing she wants is more bad news. But it looks like some moderate Dems are hedging their bets and are clearly signaling that they are ready to work with President Trump.

Politico has the exclusive…

As Democrats portray Donald Trump as a dangerous leader for his party, most of them barely acknowledge he could be president. But some centrist Democrats say they’re ready and willing to work with the business mogul should he defeat their party’s nominee.

“The people will have a chance to vote. If Donald Trump is elected president there will be a great opportunity to sit down and have a conversation about what that agenda looks like,” explained Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who has long backed Hillary Clinton.

It’s not just her either.

Getting ready for a potential Trump presidency in their home states may just be good politics for moderate senators such as Heitkamp, Jon Tester of Montana and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

“This place doesn’t work very well unless you’re able to work with folks. So I would hope so. I mean he’s got some pretty goofy opinions, but hopefully we’ve got some stuff we can work on,” Tester said.

O.K., not a ringing endorsement, but clearly some Democrats are preparing for a world in which Hillary Clinton loses and Donald Trump becomes president.

Source: Politico

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