DESPICABLE: Liberals Smear Trump Over His WEIGHT! But Here’s The Real FACTS…

It always amazes me at how the liberals will ignore the facts right in front of their faces, in order to protect their flawed narrative.

Despite the fact that their candidate is seriously ill, having trouble standing, walking, and even collapsing on a New York street, they blissfully distract from the issue, focusing on made up issues of her rival.

Recently Trump released a medical report, to compel Hillary to release one as well. While experts can question the validity of Clinton’s hired doctor’s report, the left was quick to jump on the most minor details of Trump’s.

From Red State:

After the chronically ill and sedentary face-planted on a New York sidewalk on Sunday, her campaign finally released a health statement prepared by her hired doctor. Donald Trump did the same. In his report he revealed his height is 6’3″ and his weight is 236 pounds. This gives him a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 29.5. Obese begins at 30. The left immediately pounced claiming that Trump was overweight. Clinton family attack yorkie, David Plouffe even claimed Trump’s weight was a campaign issue…

Just two notes here. Hillary Clinton is 69. Hillary Clinton refused to release her height/weight with her “medical record.” A curious omission. But it would be a safe bet that she is north of a 30 BMI AND Trump was not the one laying face down Sunday.

It’s just sad to think that Hillary’s people just don’t have anything legitimate to talk about, so they’re attack Trump’s weight.

There is enough evidence to suggest Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and they’re worried about Trump’s few extra pounds?

This is more of that double standard the left lives by. Let’s all forget the many, massive flaws of a candidate, so long as they will protect their broken agenda.

And let’s distort non-issues of our rival, because they threaten our status quo.

When do you think Hillary will release her height/weight? I’m not holding my breath.

Source: Red State

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