Developing: Conservative DEFIES Paul Ryan…His Latest Move Has The Establishment FURIOUS!

Donald Trump campaigned on a vow to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, so many voters aren’t enthusiastic about the alternative healthcare bill that Speaker Ryan has tabled.

One politician who has heard these concerns and agrees with them is Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio.

That’s why he is bringing forward a solution that he believes is more in line with what voters were promised during the campaign.

His bill is what’s called a “clean repeal.” Instead of fiddling around trying to fix and reform Obamacare, which he says Ryan is doing, Jordan’s approach is to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act entirely and start from scratch:

He also argued that doing a clean repeal with 51 votes in the Senate would put the onus on Congress to get a replacement done and that will actually help get the needed 60 votes to pass proper reforms like competition across state lines and such.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Jordan — a member of the House Freedom Caucus — explained that Ryan’s solution “keeps certain Obamacare taxes in place,” will “expand the Medicare expansion” and “will start a new entitlement” program.

None of which, he adds, were what Trump supporters thought they’d be getting when they voted for him.

Should his clean repeal pass, Jordan explained, the next move would be to “put forward exact same [health care bill] that every single Republican voted for 15 months ago.”

On the other hand, contrary to what voters were promised, Jordan continued, Ryan’s bill doesn’t “address regulator concerns” or the “ability to purchase insurance across state lines.”

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Jordan says that Trump and the Republicans promised Americans a healthcare solution that “empowers families” and “brings down the cost of premiums.”

He also said that obviously he would be willing to work with Ryan and other Republicans should his clean repeal fail to pass. However, he also says that it really isn’t the ideal solution.

Source: Fox News

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