Did They Steal Iowa From Trump? Possible Iowa Caucus Rigging EXPOSED

There were lots of things that looked fishy with the primaries in Iowa. And of course (no surprise) Hillary Clinton is at the center of most of them!

But some shady connections just came out about another major candidate that are worth investigating.

The Political Insider released this story earlier:

Software giant Microsoft, which volunteered to provide the technology to tally caucus votes in these close elections, is a major political donor and pro-amnesty advocate.

Because of Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) role in the “Gang of 8” amnesty legislation, they have become Rubio’s second largest contributor. Since 2011, they have already donated $33,100.

And the famous founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates – is heavily involved in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pro-amnesty lobbying efforts. In addition, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has joined Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch as co-chair of the immigration lobbying organization, Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

Microsoft wanted to see Rubio’s plan to expand H-1B visas for guest workers become law. They are the 12th largest employer of H-1B workers and have brought in more than 1,000 workers in 2013 alone. This all happened while tens of thousands of American Microsoft employees have been laid off.

We can’t simply sit by and watch as elections happen! We must remain vigilant and ensure that EVERY election is an honest one.

And if there is any fishy business…IT MUST STOP. Our republic is at stake.

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Credit: The Political Insider

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