DISGRACE: Malia’s Been a BAD Girl! Obama’s Daughter Just Got CAUGHT Doing…

The media is significantly one-sided in how they portray public figures. It seems they decide behind closed doors who will be championed and who will be maligned. Clearly these choices fall along political lines.

While the media protects and celebrates liberal figures, they go out of their way to attack conservative voices.

It’s getting to the point where we can’t trust anything the mainstream media tells us. During this election, the media has been merciless in their attacks against Donald Trump. Despite his sterling career as a business man, with evidence pointing to corrupt behavior, they find any half-truth and distort it to insult him.

Compare this to the mountain of evidence proving Crooked Hillary’s history of corruption. That the media ignores.

But it gets even worse than that. Just look at how they’ve gone after Donald Trump’s wife. It’s shameful.

Meanwhile Obama and his family continue their streak of unabashed hypocrisy. Where is the media outrage? The latest is proof of the corruption rampant in our news outlets.

From Radar:

Twerking was just the beginning! In a new low, wild child Malia Obama was caught on camera smoking “pot” at a recent concert, according to an eyewitness.

As Radar reported, Malia, 18, skipped the Democratic National Convention in July 2016 to party it up with her friends at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Eyewitness Jerrdin Selwyn, 18, told Radar she saw the first daughter toking it up during a Bryson Tiller set on July 31.

So it seems conservative family members are up for grabs, but when the children of Obama misbehave, that’s alright?

Republican candidate for president Donald Trump raised outstanding children who have gone on to be leaders in business and society.  Where is his credit? Why isn’t the media giving the man props for that?

Our current president’s children are acting up at concerts, setting a poor example by dancing lewdly and smoking pot. Shouldn’t Obama be held accountable? (His daughter is a minor, after all.)

“I caught Malia smoking pot and I have the pictures to prove it,” Selwyn said, insisting, “You could smell the marijuana smoke.”

This kid of behavior is a disgrace to our nation. The First Family should be a model for all Americans. Yet we see that Barack and Michelle’s parenting have been lacking as of late.

Maybe they should stop touring for Hillary Clinton and get back to raising their kids?

Source: Vice

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