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DISGUSTING: Leftists ATTACK Cleveland Cops…What They Did Will Make You SICK!
By PJ Editor|July 19, 2016

It’s come to this!

Monday at the RNC passed without much drama, for which we are all grateful. The cops in Cleveland, assisted by police from all over the country have been preparing and training for this for a long time. They have conducted themselves with professionalism and distinction.

Apparently that is unacceptable to the rabble of leftist loonies, social justice crybabies and emotional retards that showed up, not to protest and raise important issues that they care about, but simply to be vile children and proof that the left is emotionally, morally and intellectually bankrupt.

So we shouldn’t be surprised by what they did today, as reported on Conservative Tribune…

According to a few media reports, largely derived from witnesses on scene and overheard transmissions on police radios, it appears that the protesters have been utilizing squirt guns and balloons filled with urine and feces to attack the police.

This isn’t the first time these disgusting reprobates have resorted to this tactic…

This actually shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, as some of the Occupy Wall Street protests of several years ago were known to feature the use of bodily waste in some form or fashion, whether in a balloon thrown at a cop or a big steaming pile on top of a police cruiser.

Furthermore, there was an unconfirmed report just a couple of days ago during the lead up to the convention in Cleveland that law enforcement had discovered and taken possession of a “stockpile” of more than 100 pounds of human waste meant to fill balloons, no doubt for Tuesday’s lovely demonstration of tolerance and civility.

While good Americans stand in solidarity with our boys in blue, Obama’s left-wing mob has revealed itself and just how unfit to participate in our national conversation. Hopefully after the convention, they will return to their parent’s basement and get too stoned to cause any more trouble for decent people!

Source: Conservative Tribune

PJ Editor
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