Asked About Election Rigging, DNC Head Goes BALLISTIC…STUNS Reporter With Response! [WATCH]

Isn’t obvious by now that Donna Brazile is just the fallout guy for the DNC? We know that the party is made up of dishonest crooks, who have bent the laws and goodwill of this country to give their candidate Hillary Clinton an unfair advantage.

Their corruption is so bad, that they were willing to destroy the campaign of one of their own. Right now the race would be much different, if the DNC actually supported Bernie Sanders, instead of throwing him under the bus.

From the very start the fix was in. Emails released by WikiLeaks revealed that top leaders within the party were working against him, even putting moles in his campaign to undermine it.

They went after his religion (or lack thereof), searched for dirt in his past, and even attacked the fact he was Jewish.

Perhaps the worst of all was the rigging of the debates, where emails proved the media leaked questions to Hillary ahead of time, so she would have an unfair advantage.

But when questioned about all this collusion and deceit, what does the acting head of the DNC have to say? Not much.

From RealClear Politics:

DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile categorically denied that she received a debate question on the death penalty in advance in an interview with Megyn Kelly after the third presidential debate (unrelated to the debate in question)…

Brazile did not give a coherent explanation other than to say she won’t respond to content that was stolen, the hacked emails, and that she will not let herself be “persecuted” by Megyn Kelly who grilled her for an explanation. She also accused Kelly of being a “thief.”

“As a Christian woman, I understand persecution,” Brazile told Kelly. “Your information is false. What you’re — well, for suggestive e-mails were stolen. You’re interested and you’re like a thief that wants to bring into the night the things that.”

It’s amazing how quick the left will try to paint themselves as the victims. They were the ones lying. They were the ones cheating. They were the ones breaking the law and violating the integrity of our elections.

Yet when they’re being held accountable for their crimes, they whine and cry like cornered children.

I love how Brazile tries to make herself out to be a “persecuted” Christian. Sorry, Donna, Christians don’t lie and cheat. They don’t break the rules to give their friends an advantage. And when they do in fact do something wrong, they’re quick to admit it and seek forgiveness.

That is, after all, the whole point of the faith, right?

The fallout of these WikiLeaks revelations is proving how duplicitous and untrustworthy the Democrats are. They are willing to commit crimes in the dark, but when they are held to it, refuse to own up.

Source: RealClear Politics

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