BREAKING: DNC Leaks Hillary’s Replacement…But One MASSIVE Voting Block Is FURIOUS!

It’s time for the Democrats to consider the unthinkable: Who will replace her if Hillary Clinton is forced to drop out of the race for the White House?

Needless to say, this question has reignited divisions within the party, with the entire party threatening to break apart.

This is the disaster Hillary has set up for the Democrats, all because of her lies and thirst for power.

Western Journalism reports:

Journalist David Shuster recently added fuel to the fire with a tweet suggesting that Sen. Bernie Sanders, who pushed Clinton to the limit during the Democratic primary, may not be at the top of the short list to replace Clinton. According to a DNC delegate source, Vice President Joe Biden is slated as a possible replacement.

ABC commentator Cokie Roberts also mentioned Biden when she spoke Monday morning about Democratic planning for the future.

“Now ironically, the candidate who everybody looks at is Joe Biden, who is older than Hillary Clinton,” she said.

“The fact that it comes now when the polls are tightening and Democrats are already saying that Hillary was the only candidate who could beat Trump and it is taking her off of the campaign trail (…) – it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside…”

Were Hillary Clinton forced to step down permanently due to concerns about her health, criminal behavior or both, would the second on the ticket be the obvious choice to step in? After all, Senator Tim Kaine is an unknown quantity to the vast majority of Americans of either party. The Democrats would have to work very hard to bring his name recognition up to any kind of viable level.

So now it could be a fight between the establishment Democrat who already holds the Vice Presidency, or the socialist Senator from Vermont who had the primary stolen from him.  The establishment seems intent on keeping the nomination out of Bernie’s hands, so if things go south, expect a war within the Democrat Party to erupt—and hand the election on a silver platter to Donald Trump.  Hillary’s really hoping she can hold it together for three debates and a grueling campaign.

Credit: Western Journalism

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