Do You Know What THIS Means?…The Answer Could Save Your Life!

When you find yourself in a rural area and wander upon splashes of purple paint don’t be alarmed.

However, it is important to know what this means and the answer could save your life.

That is because you don’t want to wander where you are not welcome and find yourself confronted by an angry property owner or accidentally stumble into an illegal operation that could cost you your life!

It’s not redneck gang graffiti, it simply is the boundary of private property and the purple is a replacement for a No Trespassing sign.

Most people use paint to indicate the property lines they do not wish to have crossed while some landowners tie purple ribbons on the trees instead. The markings are obvious boundaries and the purple is recognized by state law as the equivalent of a no trespassing sign.

A safe assumption, and the law in some states is you need expressed permission (in some states written) from the landowner to enter the property.

The Conservative Tribune: The law indicates that marks must be vertical lines at least eight inches long and one inch wide and between three and five feet from the ground. The marks must also be easily visible.“The no trespassing purple, a lot of people who are color blind, they can actually see the color purple, so I believe that’s why it was chosen,” said Pellerin. Arkansas, Texas, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri also use purple paint, but other states, including North Carolina, Maine, Florida and Idaho, use colors such as orange and lime green to indicate private property.

Landowners post their property for different reasons, many times it has to do with hunting or fishing. Soil conservation is another common factor particularly on farms.

Marking property with paint or signs also provides a legal basis to negate injury claims and limit the owners liability.

If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, ask permission and save yourself a trip to the courthouse.

Source: The Conservative Tribune

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