Donald Trump Makes MASSIVE Pivot…Goes For The WIN!

One of the biggest chips in Trump’s campaign has been the fact that he’s by and large self-financing.

He has spent a portion of his considerable wealth to mount one of the most surprisingly successful bids for the White House to date.

That’s one of the reasons so many American’s backed the man; he’s not in the bag for any special interest or foreign government. Unlike most candidates.

Now that he’s tied up the nomination, it seems he is changing tactics.

When once he discredited Republican donors, it looks like he is now working with them. News have been released that Trump is potentially gathering in cash from sources other than his bank account.

From Political Wire:

“Trump announced this week that his campaign was forming a joint venture with the Republican National Committee to raise big money from wealthy donors — as much as $449,400 in a single contribution. Trump’s formation of two joint fundraising agreements with the RNC is common practice — and smart. The GOP standard bearer is running against a Hillary Clinton machine that could spend as much as $2 billion to defeat him, and this approach could help him even the playing field.”

Political campaigns change and adapt over the course of an election.

This move on Trump’s part may have more to do with garnering moral support from these donors than financial. Although he will probably continue to finance his campaign largely from his own money, having these groups of Republicans behind him can only help. It is a shrewd tactic to pull in more GOP backing and unify the party.

If the projections hold fast, this will be the most expensive election in U.S. history. Clinton is frothing for the throne. She will do whatever it takes to be the first female president, even if that means spending upwards of $2 billion.

It’s a disgusting amount to be sure. Trump would be wise to use every resource available to make sure Crooked Hillary gets nowhere.

Source: Political Wire

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