Walls Work! Donald Trump Just Got Great News…MASSIVE Endorsement For Signature Proposal

Donald Trump shocked many with his no-nonsense solution to illegal immigrants from Mexico.

As sensible as a wall seemed to many supporters, the lefties–including President Obama–used it to unfairly criticize Trump, calling him (among other things) racist.

That kind of uneducated bullying has even extended to other GOP candidates, like Kasich and (formerly) Bush, who were merely using the attacks to further their never-never campaigns.

But you want to know someone who is not criticizing Trump? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It seems some of Trump’s common sense has rubbed off on the Israeli leader. He announced recently plans to build a barrier fence around the entire nation of Israel. The reason is to stem the tide of Islamic and Palestinian terrorism that floods his country annually.

According to Political Insider:

The Israeli prime minister unveiled the proposal during a tour of the Jordan border area in Israel’s south, adding that the project – which would cost billions of shekels – would also be aimed at solving the problem of Hamas infiltration tunnels from Gaza, a recent source of renewed concern.

Does is sound like a silly measure to you?

Then perhaps you don’t know much about the troubles Israel faces. There have been protective walls erected in the past that have proven effective against terrorists, namely suicide bombers that find gaps to sneak into cities. Criminals like that can’t simply waltz into a country, so they need unguarded borders.

That separation wall – ordered to be built at great cost by former prime minister Ariel Sharon – was originally credited with a drop in the number of violent attacks by Palestinians in Israel, not least suicide bombings, a key feature of the second intifada in the first few years of this century.

In dangerous times like these, it takes decisive action to protect our countries from terrorists and criminals. Why do our leaders rely on overly complicated “security” measures, like NSA monitoring, that infringes on citizen’s rights, when simple approaches like walls and fences prove so effective?

Maybe you gawked at Trump’s plan to build a wall. Perhaps you’ll change your tune when you see how effective it’ll be for our allies overseas.

Source: Political Insider

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