WHOA – Donald Trump Just Got Some SHOCKING News…Out Of CALIFORNIA?!

The Democrats tend to take certain groups for granted, assuming they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton out of a kind of tribal loyalty. They’ve also been assuming that winning particular states will be a no-brainer, especially those on the “left coast.”

However, new evidence suggestions that support for Hillary is eroding, even in one of the most liberal states in the union.

Ed Morrisey reports that, while California “isn’t going anywhere on the Electoral College map,” and is poised to swing to Clinton, her numbers there keep dropping, having “fallen 7 percentage points from July”:

The real issue is this: Why is Hillary dropping in a state that should be the friendliest turf for her? (…)

If Hillary has lost this much traction in two months in California, then her slide in the rest of the country looks very real, and probably very frightening for Democrats. That slide may not matter in California, where Democrats have a huge advantage built-in for its presidential and state-wide candidates. It will matter a lot more in places like Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and perhaps even Pennsylvania where that built-in advantage doesn’t exist.

So while Trump’s chances of becoming the first Republican to win California since 1988 are low to non-existent, this trend in that state is still great news for his campaign, if seen in a larger context.

Source: Hot Air

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