Donald Trump Makes EPIC Move…REFUSES To Get On Plane Until…

As the liberal mainstream media continues to malign and bash GOP candidate for president Donald Trump, the man does more and more to win over regular Americans.

Most news outlets have tried to distort his visit to Michigan last week, jumping on any bit of negative news. They conveniently ignore the fact that he is gaining support among African American voters, at heights unprecedented by a Republican candidate.

Moreover, he is often found going out of his way to show respect and support for American service men and women, not to mention our brave officers.

After his visit, he could have easily jumped on his plane and flew away. Instead he delayed his own busy schedule to do the right thing.

From Conservative Tribune:

When he arrived at the airport to board his ready and waiting Trump Force One, rather than immediately mount the steps to enter his plane, he instead walked right past them, refusing to leave just yet.

That’s because Trump decided to first take the time to greet, shake hands with and pose for pictures with the line of police officers on motorcycles lined up along the tarmac beside his plane.

Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to himself as the “law and order” candidate in this 2016 presidential race, and has just as often expressed his deep appreciation for the hard work and dangerous risks many police officers deal with on a daily basis.

The officers were there to provide protection and support for the campaign, as they do for any candidate. But Trump, not satisfied with just receiving their help, wanted to shake the hand of every last cop on the line. The video shows him making his way down a considerable line of bike cops, shaking each hand and posing with them.

With an election campaign that is simply grueling, with stops at almost every state in the Union, Trump didn’t have to make time with “regular” folks like this. He did it because he believes in our law enforcement agents and is showing his unwavering support for them during a tumultuous time.

Compare that with Hillary, who makes time for celebrities and super rich. Unless of course it’s to hug a little girl, possibly to give her pneumonia.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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