Donald Trump PROVES He’s Ready…What He Said On 9/11 Were The Words Of A STATESMAN!

On September 11 of this year, the Trump campaign was given something to gloat about, when sickly Hillary Clinton stumbled yet again, this time at a memorial to the fallen.

However, Trump himself wanted Americans to remember the big picture, too. While he is normally more active on Twitter, yesterday the life-long New Yorker posted a long “meditation” of sorts on Facebook to mark the 15th anniversary of that horrible day.

It read in part:

In that darkest hour, the entire world bore witness to the strength and courage of our mighty nation. Firefighters, police officers and port authority workers rushed into danger, into smoke, into fire to save the lives of people they had never met — performing their sacred duties until their last moments on Earth. Heroes like Father Mychal Judge who tended to the dead and dying until he too joined them in Heaven. These were the finest and bravest and toughest people that could ever grace a city.

We remember the heroes of Flight 93, who saved countless more from a terrible fate.

We remember the heroes at the Pentagon who fought to save every last life from the smoldering rubble.

Today is a day of sadness and remembrance. It is also a day of resolve. Our solemn duty on behalf of all those who perished that September day 15 years ago, is to work together as one nation to keep all of our people safe from an enemy that seeks nothing less than to destroy our way of life.

The entire message was stirring. On a day of tributes, Trump’s stood out by a mile.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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