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BOOM – Democrats STUNNED…Donald Trump Takes Lead In Blue State No One EXPECTED!
By Cheryl Chumley|September 15, 2016

Dear Democrats: Don’t pull out that bottle of celebratory champagne just yet.

According to a new survey – from a mainstream media outlet, no less – voters in one state that was predicted to lean left are actually planning to toss their ballots in the Republican box, and pick Donald Trump for president.

RedState has the story, starting with this two-word assessment: “Pretty incredible.” And the gist?

Apparently, a new Reuters/Ipsos survey finds Colorado in the camp for Trump.

“[The poll] released this week gave Trump a narrow edge in a two-way race, 43 percent to 41 percent – his first lead in Colorado in the 2016 election,” the Denver Post reported. “It follows two other recent polls showing the presidential race as a dead heat or within five percentage points.”

As RedState reminded: Colorado voted for President Obama in 2012 by five percentage points, and for then-Senator Obama in 2008 by nine percentage points. Democrats were so confident of a cake walk in the state, they haven’t even run campaign ads there since July.

“Anybody who thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the state of Colorado by double digits was dreaming,” said Democratic strategist Rick Ridder, in the Denver Post. “The history in Colorado shows that it is difficult for a Democrat or a Republican to get over 50 percent of the vote.”

Democrats have been taken somewhat off guard by Trump’s winning showing in another state, Nevada, as well.

“When you put that in context with Trump gaining on Hillary [Clinton] in national polling and another poll showing Trump leading Clinton by five in Ohio,” RedState opined, “you have to conclude something unexpected is definitely going on.”

Source: RedState

Cheryl Chumley
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