BAM: While Hillary Dithers…Donald Trump Drops Some Hard Truth About Terrorism!

While we’re still catching our breathes from the terrible attack in Orlando, FL, we receive word about another terrorist attack. This one even more deadly than at Pulse nightclub.

This past Tuesday three suicide bombers attacked an airport at Istanbul, Turkey. The attack claimed the lives of at least 36 people, injuring over 140. Turkey has been at the forefront of Islamic terror for decades. A predominantly Muslim nation, they first felt the brunt of Syrian refugees. It was their complaints that opened the door to mass migration into Europe.

It looks their attempts to push the burden onto the rest of the continent didn’t work out. As a largely Westernized country, they are the first targets by radical Muslim terrorists who’d want to force them to come under their oppressive rule.

From USA Today:

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said three suicide bombers were responsible for the attack and all initial indications suggest the Islamic State group was behind it.

He said the attackers arrived at the airport in a taxi and blew themselves up after opening fire. Asked whether a fourth attacker might have escaped, he said authorities have no such assessment but are considering every possibility. The first reports emerged about the attack at about 10 p.m. local time Tuesday.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said 147 were hurt, the Chicago Tribune and CNN reported.

When will the nations of the world take serious action against this blight? ISIS wont stop under every Western country is destroyed. They want us to live in constant fear of their attacks. The only remedy is for the United States and her allies to stomp them out for good.

Donald Trump, GOP candidate for President had this to say about the attacks.

While the president simply does nothing about the threat of ISIS and the Democratic candidate refuses to offer a sound plan, Trump is the only voice of reason. From the beginning of his candidacy, he’s promised to utterly destroy ISIS and bring an end to Islamic terror.

His measures to keep America safe are drastic to the left, but it seems they want us in danger. They offer no solutions and criticize those who do.

We’ll only be truly safe once this corrupt administration is ousted for good.

Source: USA Today

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