The Reviews Are IN…Donald Trump WON With This 1 BRUTAL Line!

The first Presidential debate of 2016 has left a lot of dust in the air. The brutal 90 minutes of rhetoric exhibited the very definition of the candidates.

While Crooked Hillary read from her carefully worded, and ultimately vague and empty talking points, Donald Trump came out as the no-nonsense, unapologetic champion for the people that he is.

Hillary looked like a plastic robot, reciting well-practiced lines and coming off over all like a bobble-headed puppet. Meanwhile Trump fired with both barrels, reiterating the goals of his campaign that have put him in the forefront.

Amid the empty and cheap shots Clinton fired at Trump were the clear differences of the candidates’ plans. The biggest can be their intentions for rooting out ISIS.

While Hillary has laid out her plan on her website for everyone–including ISIS–to see, Trump has been very guarded. He has continued to assert he is going to be tough against the terrorist network, but he refuses to divulge any information that could be used by the enemy.

As America watched, many responded via social media. Here is just a sampling, via The Political Insider:

As this debate for president wraps up, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton is in bad shape. She’s rattled and flustered.

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama helped create ISIS from the power vacuum they left in Libya.

Twitter responded immediately:

What is your response? How do you think the candidates faired during the first debate? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

Source: Political Insider

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