DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump Cuts More Federal Jobs Than Anyone Predicted

President Donald Trump means it when he says he’s going to shrink the government.

Our federal government is incredibly wasteful. It burns through tax payer dollars, then demands even more.

Just as he promised on the campaign trail, the president is trimming Washington’s bloated spending. One of the areas that is seeing massive cuts is obvious: payroll.

From Daily Wire:

According to Government Executive reports, nearly 10,000 federal employees have been cut from the payroll in the first six months of his presidency.

Government Executive states: “A July jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday showed non-postal federal agencies employed 2,188,900 workers at the end of the month, down 2,200 from June and 10,700 from January, when Trump took office…”

Over the past two years there were a total of 50K federal workers added to the previous staffing levels in 2015 and 2016. Barack Obama added 60K in his first six months in office and George W. Bush inflated the rolls by 36K during the same period of his first term.

Democrats will try to fight Trump’s justifiable cuts to entitlement programs like Welfare or SNAP. But they cannot stop him from firing unneeded staff to the many government agencies that drain our federal budget.

As a former government employee, I’ve seen firsthand how federal agencies waste money on staff. Departments have two or three people doing the job of one. They flood an office floor with workers, who mull around doing nothing. There are even older employees who come to work and sleep at their desks, waiting for their pensions to kick in (that is not a joke, it really happens).

As a business-minded leader, Trump hates waste. He is getting the federal government into shape like no one else. That means trimming the fat, eliminating jobs and positions that are unneeded and simply waste money.

His 2018 proposed budget will continue to cut waste, reducing unneeded positions from agencies across the board.

Source: Daily Wire

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