Egyptian Prez Meets The Candidates…PRAISES One and HUMILIATES The Other – Guess Who?

When president Obama and his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, devised their foreign policies in dealing with Egypt, they made a fatal mistake.

The Obama administration cozied up to the Muslim Brotherhood and alienated the democratically elected government that exist in Egypt today.

Of all the problems a free democratic state could have, dealing with radical Muslims is the worst even for a majority Muslim country that desires a modicum of civility in a modern world. Egyptian leaders fear the damage the Muslim Brotherhood could do to them in the future because they have seen what the Brotherhood has done in the past and they want no part of it.

After meeting with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump separately, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has concluded that Trump is more to his liking and praised him on his stand against radical terrorism but he doesn’t trust Hillary because of her part in the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

From Breitbart we read:

Egyptian officials expressed frustration and outrage over the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood and expressed concern that a Clinton administration would continue to undermine Egyptian efforts to dismantle Brotherhood terrorists attempting to destabilize the democratically elected Egyptian government.

In a statement on Tuesday from Ahmed Gad, a member of the Egyptian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee he told Breitbart:

I think 90 percent of Egyptians would prefer Trump because he will not cooperate with terrorists. He [Trump] will not cooperate with Muslim Brothers and our main concern in Egypt now is terrorist attacks as you saw two days ago in the United States. We saw it daily in Egypt on the hands of Muslim Brothers so we know very well that Muslim Brothers are a terrorist group and we want to build up our democratic regime.

The fact that Egyptian leaders are worried about a Clinton presidency being an extension of the last eight years of president Obama’s mishandling of ISIS says a lot about Donald Trump’s popularity with foreign dignitaries. He is seen as someone that they can communicate with and trust. Clinton, on the other  hand, leaves a bad taste in their mouths because of her past history of being untrustworthy. Although not an outright endorsement of Trump, it definitely qualifies as a rejection of Hillary!

Source: Breitbart

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