Electoral College SHOCKER…New Poll DESTROYS Democrat’s Plan – BOOM!

Skeptics have been warning that even if Donald Trump wins the popular vote, he can’t possibly win the all-important Electoral College.

Some pundits have even posited that the College was created by the Founders specifically to prevent the election of such a “demagogue.”

Democrats have been hanging their hat on this “fact” as Hillary Clinton’s polls have continued to collapse.

But a new poll of the EC out from Reuters may have just put the nail in that coffin!

However, a new poll reveals that even that “last hope” of the Never Trumpers is fading:

An election analysis conducted in the Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project shows that the race has tightened considerably over the past few weeks, with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump projected to win Florida, an essential battleground state, if the election were held today.

The project, which is based on a weekly tracking poll of more than 15,000 Americans, shows that the 2016 presidential race could end in a photo finish on Nov. 8, with the major-party candidates running nearly even in the Electoral College, the body that ultimately selects the president. (…)

If the election were held today, the project estimates that Clinton has a 60 percent chance of winning by 18 electoral votes. Last week, the project estimated that Clinton had a 83 percent chance of winning the election.

What an astonishing change in such a short time. Americans should all hope that we don’t end up with another Bush/Gore election, one so close that lawsuits and even more drastic national divisions are the result.

Source: Yahoo! News

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