Elizabeth Warren Just Got Schooled By Veterans For How She Disrespected Them

Earlier this year, Massachusetts-based group Veterans Assisting Veterans extended an invitation to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to appear at a veterans event later this month.

The group has had second thoughts, and Warren is no longer welcome at the rally.

The Independent Journal Review passes along the scoop on that.

“If you don’t want to respond, you don’t want to support, we asked you to come to our rally, our message to you is stay home. We don’t want you,” VAV spokesman John MacDonald said. “I think that really demonstrates where her heart is. To me, it’s really, really frustrating, and our group is really frustrated.”

MacDonald said the group doesn’t feel like Warren has prioritized veterans, and its concerns aren’t new.

MacDonald and company dropped a letter on Warren. The letter specifically asked Warren to prioritize help for veterans as opposed to her constant calls for help for illegal immigrants.

Warren responded, but she neglected to address the illegal immigration part.

“She does not address the specific questions we asked of her in our letter,” MacDonald told the Washington Free Beacon. “Why is she running to the microphone to fight for illegals and not holding a rally for our nation’s veterans?”

MacDonald said in August that veterans “need advocates” in Washington, D.C.

“We shouldn’t have to fight this hard,” he said.

MacDonald is on the money here, and it’s pretty telling that Warren couldn’t even bring herself to reply to a direct question on illegal immigration.

Warren and other Democratic leaders walk around each and every day beating the drum on immigration. They treat it as if it’s an issue that’s of the utmost importance to everyone in the country.

It’s not. There’s a time and a place for discussions on illegal immigration. That time and place is not every waking second.

The vast majority of folks are not sitting around the dinner table discussing their desires to see more people be allowed into the country. They’re discussing the issues that really matter to them.

Warren and other Democrats remain oblivious to that fact, and they then have the gall to act shocked when they come up short at the ballot box.

Warren continues to be whispered as a potential 2020 challenger for President Donald Trump. She will lose in a rout of epic proportions if she makes it that far, and she provides evidence to support that theory each and every day.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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