INCREDIBLE Video Surfaces That Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See…Proves Donald Trump Right!

Many Millennials are nostalgic for the 1990s, the era of their childhoods.

For them, the Clintons were the couple who hovered over that blissful time of full employment and the rise of magical Silicon Valley.

Now these same Millennials are getting ready to vote for president.

Many specifically want to say they voted for the first woman president, so they reflexively support Hillary Clinton.

But how much do they really know about her — or want to know about her — other than the bullet points on her resume?

A video has surfaced, bluntly titled “Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.” It was first uploaded to YouTube in mid-January by someone known only as “Michael Armstrong.” After conservative Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker wrote about this week, the video witnessed a leap in views — it’s now approaching 8 million — and commentary.

According to Chris Cillizza, also of the Washington Post:

What the video does do very effectively is remind you that (a) Clinton has been around the political game for a very, very long time and (b) her positions on things like gay marriage, Wall Street regulation/reform and a host of other issues have changed — often markedly — over time.

And those two facts are what make predictions about how Donald Trump simply has no chance against Clinton in the fall so tenuous. As I have written, there’s no question that Clinton — thanks in large part to entrenched demographic and electoral college realities — starts the general election as a favorite and is more likely than Trump to be the 45th president.

But to simply assume that hands the election to Clinton ignores the fact that she is a candidate with major image problems in the eyes of broad swaths of the American public. Large majorities in poll after poll say that they don’t believe that Clinton is honest or trustworthy. Anecdotally, her allies have even admitted lately that she struggles to come across as authentic and connect with voters.

The word “authentic” is paramount. Asked why they support elderly socialist Bernie Sanders, some young voters point to his policies, but many admit  they find him more “real” than the stiff, stage managed Hillary, with her tight smile and rigid manner.

Likewise, even his detractors surely have to concede that Donald Trump, for all his faults, is far more confident and comfortable in his own skin.

That doesn’t mean typically left leaning Millennials will vote for Trump. However, it may mean that, disillusioned, they will sit out an election in which Clinton is the Democratic contender, especially after they see videos like this one. They’ll discover a craven career politician and not a fellow idealist, like Bernie.

Credit: Washington Post

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