Massive EPA Scandal Explodes—Democrat Corruption Roccks Washington

The EPA hardly has a sterling record. As one of the least respected government agencies, it is often blamed for huge spending, lack of results, and shocking incompetence.

Even their goal of protecting human health and the environment is often ruined, as they are to blame for some of the worst disasters in the U.S.

Now we are learning that they are flaunting their own rules and laws, handing over huge sums of cash to contractors with zero security clearance. Oops.

From The Federalist Papers:

According to an internal audit, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded more than $540 million worth of sensitive information to contractors without knowing if they had the security training required by law.

Without seeing if contractors met training requirements, the EPA employed contractors responsible for sensitive information at one of the largest computer centers in the U.S. during the Obama Administration.

Furthermore, the EPA failed to continually train contractors to counter cyber attacks. At a time when hackers are having a free-for-all with sensitive information, this is willful negligence…

Some of the work being carried out by those untracked contractors is far from trivial. Based on a sampling of five of 688 EPA contracts that nonetheless covered roughly 30 percent of the overall $546.5 million total, these areas included:

Information technology hosting service at EPA’s National Computing Center, located in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, and self-described as “one of the largest computer centers in the United States.”

Long time readers might recall that I was once an EPA contractor. During my few years in the agencies, I had to jump through numerous security hoops just to acquire a card that let me into the building. This agency understands the strict requirements the government places on contractors. So for them to have blown $540 million on workers, not even bothering to provide proper clearance, proves willful negligence.

Hey, remember when the DNC and Clinton campaign were hacked? Remember how they were embarrassed over the breach of thousands of sensitive emails? I do. Apparently a lack of computer security is a common pattern among democrats–who make up the majority of staff within the EPA.

At this point, are we really surprised at liberals?

Source: The Federalist Papers

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