Watch EPIC Response To Hillary’s Shockingly STUPID Claim About Violent Street Gang

Another day, another idiotic comment from Hillary Clinton.

During a recent discussion in Connecticut on gun violence, the Democratic candidate for President made some preposterous comments about gangs.  She referred to the violent groups as “families,” suggesting that young people join them for a replacement of their own.

She also said they should join “positive gangs,” instead, something that does not exist in reality.

In a recent episode of “Hannity” Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke had some strong words for Clinton.

He denounced the former First Lady as being out of touch with the black community, saying her statement was insulting and offensive by suggesting gangs provide better families than the ones they grew up in.

The Sheriff made a strong argument.  Not all Black Americans come from broken homes.  There are many factors that could lead a young person to join a gang.  And most of all, gangs are not like families; they are destructive groups that ruin the lives of those who join them.

Clarke made some positive suggestions for people who lack a family unit: like joining a church or the Boys/Girls Scouts.  And he put the real blame for weak families in the urban community: liberal policies that have been deconstructing families for years.

Watch the full video HERE.

Source: Independent Journal

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