RIGGED: Establishment Stealing Election, Wyoming Is Proof Says Former Congressman

If you’ve had a hard time trying to follow the GOP system of gaining delegates, you’ll be simply confounded by the Democrat’s.

This was the feeling from host Joe Scarborough, who took to his morning show “Morning Joe,” to discuss how rigged the nomination process is.  And how sided it is for established politicians like Hillary Clinton.

In last weekend’s Wyoming Democratic caucus, Sen. Bernie Sanders won the popular vote by 12 percent, but picked up fewer delegates than the loser, Hillary Clinton.

If that confuses you, you’re not alone.

Scarborough criticized the broken and confusing system, claiming this kind of process is hypocritical and will alienate votes, as reported by Breitbart.

‘Why does the Democratic Party even have voting booths?’ Scarborough said. ‘This system is so rigged.  Here is a party who sends their activists out and have people chattering on TV and chattering on talk radio about voter disenfranchisement if you make somebody show a picture of themselves. This same party tells voters to go straight to hell when they select somebody by 12 percentage points and end up letting the other candidate who lost by 12 percentage points win the most delegates. That by definition is voter disenfranchisement. It is a rigged system on the Democratic side, even worse than the Republican side and I don’t know why Democratic voters put up with it.’

He referenced recent comments from the Democratic Party over voter identification laws and other supposed attempts at preventing people from voting.  Yet this same party isn’t counting every vote fairly, leading a loser to win a majority of the delegates.

The voting system from state to state has always seemed convoluted and confusing. Even general elections have their stigma of irregularity, leaving many citizens disenfranchised over the process.

Maybe in time, our political system will start listening to folks like Scarborough and being respecting everyone’s vote.

Source: Breitbart

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