EXIT POLL: Voters Reveal 4 Biggest Reasons They Picked Trump

Exit polls of voters gave insight into how Donald Trump pulled off a huge victory tonight, almost doubling the second place share of votes.

ABC News reports the four biggest reasons that voters supported Donald Trump in their overview:

Donald Trump was lifted in New Hampshire by broad support among voters seeking a political outsider, anger at the Obama administration, strong worry about the economy and terrorism – and substantial backing for some of his controversial policy proposals.

The poll results dove into much more detail though. This ought to serve as a wake up call for the political establishment in America.

Trump did particularly well among voters looking for a candidate who “tells it like it is” and among those with less education. And he appealed to a New Hampshire electorate that was far more conservative than usual for the state, doing much better with strong conservatives and evangelicals that he did in Iowa.

Among key results explaining his showing:

Half said they wanted a political outsider; 57 percent in this group backed Trump. (The next closest was Ted Cruz, at just 12 percent).

Four in 10 were angry with the Obama administration; Trump won 39 percent of their votes. (Next closest, Cruz, 17 percent).

Two-thirds said they support Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country. He won 42 percent of their votes.

Four in 10 supported deporting undocumented immigrants; Trump won 46 percent in this group.

Seven in 10 said they’re “very” worried about the economy. Trump won 35 percent of them.

Six in 10 were “very” worried about terrorism. Trump got 36 percent of their votes.

A fifth of Republican voters were looking for a candidate who “tells it like it is.” While not a large group, it was Trump’s single best – he won 63 percent of their votes.

He also won 34 percent of those focused on focused on “change.”

For anyone supporting Trump this will come as no surprise. The political establishment has felt entitled to votes for too long.

But voters have simply had enough…

Credit: ABC News

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