Expert Drops BOMBSHELL Prediction On Democrats…Donald Can’t Help But SMILE!

It’s like the Rose Parade: Planning for the next U.S. election starts the day after the last one…

The Democrats have a lot of planning to do if they stand a chance of winning back power. It’s not just that Donald Trump was elected president, but his momentum swept Republicans into the House and Senate, too, creating a GOP majority.

Ed Morrissey of HotAir says things don’t look good for the Democrats in the near future, if they lose upcoming midterm races:

It’s entirely possible that Republicans could end up with a 62-63 seat majority, which would give them carte blanche on policy for the final two years of Trump’s first term. It’s also possible that some of this potential might dissipate as a reaction to Trump’s governance, as frequently happens in midterm elections. That would require Democrats to have learned the lessons of why they lost so badly in 2016. (…)

They have less than two years to figure that out. So far, though, all they’ve done is kept their party’s leadership in the same hands that lost four straight election cycles and turned Democrats into that “coastal elitist club.” That portends yet another major electoral disaster for Democrats. And if Republicans and Trump actually deliver on their promises in 2017-18, it could be even worse than it looks for those coastal elites.

How long can American liberals remain in denial? That said, admitting that your entire worldview is flawed is a tough pill to swallow, and so far, the most vocal leftists are calling on the party to swing away from the center.

If Donald Trump’s popularity continues to rise, the Democrats could end up a fringe party, merely a shadow of its former self.

Source: Hot Air

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