EXPLOSIVE Wiretap Evidence Drops On Obama…Democrats FREAKING OUT!

It seems that whatever President Trump says, be it online or in the press conference, the dishonest media will try to undermine it.

So bitter and biased they are against our Commander in Chief, they refuse to take him at his word or trust that he had the information to back his claims.

This is a striking difference from President Obama, whom the liberal media obeyed to the point of servitude. Even when he and his administration were proved to be doing wrong, the media either ignored it or let him explain it all away.

This biased will surely mean the end of the mainstream media in time, as more and more Americans reject their dishonesty.

Even in recent weeks, they refuse to acknowledge Trump’s legitimate claims. Only when put to it will they even cover responses that back his statements.

From Daily Wire:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly assured CNN on Monday that President Trump has “some convincing evidence” that the Obama administration ordered a wiretapping of Trump Tower before the election in 2016.

“If the president of the United States said that, he’s got his reasons to say it—he’s got some convincing evidence that that took place,” Kelly said on “The Situation Room” (video below).

Though the retired Marine Corps general expressed confidence that Trump had solid evidence to back his claim, he led into his comment by admitting he was not privy to exactly what Trump did or did not know, stating, “I don’t know anything about it other when I was sitting off-studio here watching CNN.”

That kind of basic trust and respect for the words of the president are entirely lacking from the mainstream media. This is the President of the United States, the man who was elected to run the country. When he makes certain statements, the entire world is listening.

Yet our own media refuse to believe him and even work to undermine his authority.

This is why President Trump goes after them so consistently, calling them fake news. They refuse to do their job and honestly cover his administration, opting to destroy their credibility by attack him and his people.

How long before enough people abandon the mainstream media that they have to fold? Can’t be too long.

Source: Daily Wire

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