EXPOSED: Hillary Caught CHEATING With Unauthorized Device! Here’s What It Could Be…

Watching the Debate on Monday night between Democrat, Hillary Clinton and Republican, Donald Trump one had the sense that something was different about Hillary. Every segment of questions asked by Moderator, Lester Holt was led by Hillary’s seeming “canned answers” to questions she apparently, already knew were coming.

Her health issues that severely encumbered her recently seemed to have all disappeared, as if by magic but there was something that people noticed about her when she leaned forward to shake hands with Lester Holt.

She appeared to be wearing some type of device under her pantsuit.  Many are speculating it could be one of the following:

  • Anti-coughing device
  • Earpiece so she could be fed information via radio
  • Microphone

It probably wouldn’t be the first time she has cheated.


One thing is for certain: this will cause a firestorm of speculation and questions about not only Hillary’s physical capability of handling the job of president but also  her lack of transparency and dishonesty in hiding her actions from the voters.

Some believe she may have been taking medication to suppress her cough but this left her unable to think clearly on her own an needed some “help.”  Whatever it is, there’s little chance the device under her suit was legally approved. If it was, it was withheld from the American people.

America doesn’t need any more political drama coming from a woman who is too ambitious and egotistical to see her personal issues prevent her from being anything other than a burden and a detriment to the security and welfare of the American people. America needs Donald Trump!

Source: The Political Insider

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