EXPOSED: Hillary’s Plan For Illegals To VOTE For Her! All The Details Revealed…

Here’s something to turn your stomach. We know that the Democrats are unilaterally supporting illegal immigration. Although it’s never made sense, it seems that they think illegals will be indebted to them and support their socialist, big government agenda.

But there are a few problems. One, illegals don’t pay taxes, so they can’t help fund the liberals’ social program machine. Two, they can’t vote, so they can’t help push politicians who want to forward this agenda.

Yet time and again the Democrats want to maintain conditions that weaken our economy and national security.

Now it seems that Hillary Clinton is actually using illegals’ to help her campaign.

According to a clip from Lou Dobbs:

Could this be a sign of voter registration fraud? Probably, considering illegals can’t register to vote. What will this mean for the November election?

Could we be seeing massive voter fraud in favor of Hillary?

Trump and the rest of the voting public need to demand this be brought to an end, before the election is stolen  by the Democrats.

Source: Red State Watcher

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