EXPOSED: Hillary’s SECRET Handler Returns! Proves This Election Is…

Something seriously concerning is going on in this election…

No, it’s not the billionaire business mogul who is currently leading in many polls, and it’s not anything he’s done.

It’s Hillary Clinton, the “most known quantity in politics” according to the media.  And yet there is so much we do not seem to know about her.  Her emails, for one, are starting to connect the dots of her backroom dealings.  Her absence on the campaign trail and her frequent coughing spells are starting to raise red flags even among her supporters.  Is this woman really capable—and qualified—to lead the United States?

To make matters worse, it seems she has been bought off numerous times by foreign entities who paid her for valuable political favors.  George Soros himself has been fingered directing Hillary to make certain foreign policy moves as Secretary of State.  Many are wondering if she is leading or if there is someone pulling the strings of an elderly, sickly woman.  So when this “handler” appears, disappears and then appears again, the American people are gravely concerned about who might get the reins of our country if Hillary is elected in November.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Hillary’s mysterious handler disappeared from the campaign trail in mid-August after several reports were written about his strange appearances on the campaign trail.

Hillary also cut down on her appearances at the same time.

On Monday Hillary Clinton suffered another severe coughing spat on her plane and later during a speech in Cleveland.

Guess who popped up on the plane?

doctor hillary handler

No one seems to know who this man is, and yet he is Hillary’s inner circle.  He is not Secret Service yet he has posed as one.  Many speculate that he is coaching her through the motions, encouraging her on when she is paralyzed by fear.  Who is this man? It is unlikely that he is the power behind Hillary, but he may be the stand in for that person.  Is it Soros? A foreign power?  Bill Clinton? Obama?

We really have no idea, and Americans need to demand answers.  Because if this man continues to coach and help Hillary and no one knows who he is, it may very possibly mean that a major candidate for the Presidency is a puppet and the election is being rigged for some non-elected, corrupt power to rule.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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