EXPOSED: Iranian Secret Leaked To The Public…Obama Just Got HUMILIATED! [WATCH]

Obama is not content to ruin our healthcare system, our nation’s morals, and our children’s future.  He has to benefit other countries, often radical Muslim countries, to our detriment.

Unlike Donald Trump, Obama just cannot seem to make a single good deal with other nations.  The worst deals have come at the hands of Iran.  They have a nuclear program that is merely on hold for a few years while they get tons of terror money back from America and continue to sponsor terrorism throughout the world.

Now the State Department has confirmed Obama’s deal was far worse than anyone could have imagined.  Treasonous, some would call it.  Even though the main deal could have included the return of our prisoners, it did no such thing.  Obama waited until afterwards to do a prisoner swap.  Then he denied that an additional payment of $400 million had anything to do with the return of our hostages.  But his own inept State Department just outed him.  Catch the video below of the confession.

From Conservative Outfitters:

WASHINGTON, DC – The Obama administration had previously dodged questions and contradicted that the payment was related to the release of the U.S. hostages. Iran had already confirmed the payment, releasing video showing the $400 million pallets of cash. State Department spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. used the cash as leverage by withholding delivery until the American prisoners were free.

It’s very clear that the money was used to get the prisoners free. Whatever the original “reason” for giving one of the most hostile nations on earth $400 million, they were paying a ransom.

It seems that Obama was taking a play out of Hillay and the Democrats’ book: to lie in the face of all facts and reason.

But not even his State Department could dodge this reality for long.

Source: Conservative Outfitters

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