Exposed: Obama Sabotages Trump AGAIN…And Americans Are PISSED!

On a daily basis we are learning how corrupt, deceitful, and downright evil the Democratic Party is.

Even though Obama is out, his stain of manipulation and collusion still lingers in our nation. We now have a conservative president, with a GOP majority in major seats around the country.

And yet liberals continue to work to undermine our way of life. They push policies that will most certainly destroy the United States.

Such was the case when a California judge blocked President Trump’s executive order aimed at ending sanctuary cities. This toxic practice that protects and rewards criminal aliens has for a long time endangered U.S. citizens and jeopardized our national security.

Yet when our President works to end this evil and un-American practice, a liberal judge oversteps his power to stop him.

What we are learning about this judge comes as no surprise. Not only was he an Obama appointee, he is a major money-maker for the Democratic Party.

From Daily Wire:

The U.S. district court judge who blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order regarding the withholding of federal funds from “sanctuary cities” is a Democrat fundraiser, having raised at least $200,000 for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

According to Public Citizen’s data, Judge William Orrick also raised an additional $30,800 for satellite groups supporting Obama’s presidential campaign. In 2004, he raised at least $100,000 in support of John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

A judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Orrick granted a request from the municipalities of Santa Clara and San Francisco for a preliminary injunction against Executive Order 13768, ruling that the municipalities’ constitutional challenges against the executive order are “likely to succeed” on their merits.

This is the same judge who protected Planned Parenthood, even when video evidence proved they broke the law by selling aborted baby parts.

It’s clear this judge is not concerned with upholding the law, but protecting and extending the liberal agenda. How can we trust his judgment and rulings, when he has a history of padding democrat bank accounts?

Obviously his position was bought and sold through the fund-raising he did for Obama. Supporters of Barry O’ can’t really think our former president was honest and just. He gave judgeships to men who gave him cash!

Once again we see the stain of Obama’s presidency will linger with us for years to come. While President Trump will continue to punish sanctuary cities from endangering our nation, Obama cronies will regularly pop up to stop him.

Proving once again they are on the side of criminals, not American citizens.

Source: The Daily Wire

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