Facebook Founder’s Presidential Bid Just Went Off The RAILS—After They Caught Him Trying To…

There have been plenty of whispers that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has presidential aspirations.

He certainly has the name recognition and personal capital to at last explore it, and he’s even made some appearances that have been viewed as him putting feelers out there.

Unfortunately, he may be lacking a key quality that will derail his potential candidacy before it gets out of the exploratory stage. That would be good judgement.

Breitbart passes along a head-scratching decision from a billionaire with money to burn.   

Mark Zuckerberg’s deputies have rehired the pollsters behind the 2014 “Gang of Eight” electoral disaster to help persuade politicians that support for the 2017 DACA amnesty will not be a career-ending decision.

The pollsters’ “optimized messaging” advice proved catastrophic to many politicians in 2014, including five defeated Democratic Senators plus the GOP’s House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, who lost his Virginia primary. The amnesty-boosting advice was also catastrophic for Sen. Marco Rubio, and for Sen. Chuck Schumer, who lost the five Democrats and four more open seats held by retiring Democrats. That loss of nine seats cost Schumer the opportunity to be the Senate’s Majority leader for President Barack Obama’s last two years and President Donald Trump’s first two years.

Obviously, Zuckerberg feels that DACA amnesty is a good thing. He’s entitled to his opinions, so no qualms there.

However, not everyone agrees with him.

One of the biggest failings of the Democratic Party in recent years has been its insistence that their message is chock full of things that the average American voter cares deeply about.

As we learned in the wake of Election Night 2016, those thoughts are wildly off the mark.

Because of the 2014 amnesty fiasco, many politicians — and a New York real-estate developer — realized that most Americans want to like immigrants but they also strongly oppose big uncontrolled amnesties which allow companies to unfairly hire cheap labor and to sideline Americans and their growing children. Pollster Kellyanne Conway recognized the combination of decency and anger, and she used that knowledge to help Donald Trump bulldoze the GOP and Democratic establishments in 2016.

This year, the pollsters have only persuaded credulous liberal reporters who are eager to believe that Americans welcome more crime and civic conflict,  lower wages, fewer college slots, and fewer taxpayer dollars.

Zuckerberg is a big boy, and he’s entitled to what he wishes with the vast fortune that he’s amassed.

That being said, he needs to take a long look in the mirror to figure out where his head is at if he really plans on entering the world of politics.

Simply cramming a certain narrative down the throats of voters is not going to work.

We’ll assume he’s going to need to learn that lesson the hard way, and we can scratch his name off the short list of serious political contenders to watch as a result.

Source: Breitbart

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