BOOM! You’ll Never Guess Who’s Facing 357 Years In PRISON…The Clintons Are TERRIFIED!

Who will ever forget Donald Trump’s devastating comeback during the debates, when Hillary Clinton said it was a good thing he wasn’t president, and he quipped, “Because you’d be in jail”?

Well, it is still uncertain whether or not Trump supporters will get their wish to see Hillary “locked up” over her use of an illegal, insecure email server that made her top secret messages as Secretary of State vulnerable to hacking. (By, among other villains, those “Russian hackers” who leftists only seem to worry about when they’re allegedly “getting Trump elected”…)

However, the good news is that one of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends and fundraisers may be headed to prison for an incredible 357 years, along with $4.8 million in fines:

Congresswoman Corrie Brown has pleaded guilty to fraud after being indicted [on 24 counts] for using charitable funds to benefit herself by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the non-profit charity One Door for Education into her own pocket.

As the FBI closes in on Brown, it also implicates the Clintons because she was a huge fundraiser, taking in cash to keep Hillary’s campaign going. Most Americans had give up on the FBI ever nailing Hillary and Bill but then, all of a sudden, these charges surfaced.

Obviously, no one should expect to hear much about this case from the mainstream media.

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The same reporters who obsess over which stores carry Ivanka Trump’s merchandise lines or Kelly Anne Conway’s comments on Sunday politics shows can’t be bothered publicizing these actual crimes.

While it is thrilling to think that this case could eventually lead to Hillary Clinton’s ultimate, long awaited downfall, let’s also remember that the money allegedly embezzled by Brown was supposed to help improve children’s education.

What a disgrace.

Source: Mad World News

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