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Famed Artist SWITCHES Endorsement After Debate…’Hillary Was On…’
By Cheryl Chumley|September 28, 2016

The stage is emptied, the audience has gone home, and the one big question of the night – whether or not Hillary Clinton would suffer an uncontrollable coughing jag, or worse, on live presidential debate television – has been answered.

She made it through the night, absent any noticeable major medical issues.

But one famous cartoonist, “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, has another theory.

“Clinton looked, to my eyes, as if she was drugged, tired, sick or generally unhealthy, even though she was mentally alert and spoke well,” Adams wrote in a column, the Washington Examiner cited. “But her eyes were telling a different story. She had the look of someone whose doctors had engineered 90 minutes of alertness for her just for the event.”

Adams wrote that he could be wrong – but if he were, Americans would know it because she would resume campaigning at full-speed-ahead mode. But if he were right, they would also know it, he said.

“If she continues with a light campaign schedule,” he wrote, the Washington Examiner reported, “you should assume my observation is valid and she wasn’t at 100 percent.”

Adams had in June endorsed Clinton, but after this past weekend, switched to supporting Donald Trump.


As he wrote: “[I can] distinguish between a deeply unhealthy person and a healthy person.”

And after viewing Monday’s presidential debate, Adams only felt more secure in his position.

“Some will say Clinton outperformed expectations because she didn’t cough, collapse, or die right on stage,” he wrote. “That would be true if she also looked healthy in general and her campaign schedule from here on out is full.”

Adams also said that while Clinton “won the debate,” Trump “won the election.”

He wrapped, the Washington Examiner said: “He had one thing to accomplish, being less scary, and he did it.”

Source: Washington Examiner

Cheryl Chumley
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