BREAKING: YUGE Hollywood Star Risks Career…Goes All In For Donald Trump!

While the atmosphere has improved somewhat over the last decade or so, openly conservative actors in Hollywood are still a tiny minority.

That’s no wonder: Even when icons like Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston go public as Republicans, they’re subjected to vicious ridicule and even harassment — remember filmmaker Michael Moore stalking the aging, ailing Heston outside his home, and getting a Oscar for it?

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight is another outspoken show biz conservative, and it’s been revealed that he’s pledged to help Donald Trump win the White House “in any way he can”:

In a phone conversation late last week, Voight confirmed to The Daily Beast that he and Team Trump have been communicating in recent weeks about potentially deploying Voight’s star power on the campaign trail, and possibly the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.

“I’ll be as helpful as I can be,” Voight said. “I intend to be, and we’ll see come convention time if [the Trump campaign] wants me at the convention. If they do, I’ll make plans to go, and we’ll go from there … I would like to support him in any way that I can … I’m in touch with the campaign, and I fully support Donald. I think he’s the man for the job … I have discussed with them the possibility of being at the convention, and what I might be available to do for them in California.”

Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” performance at the 2012 GOP convention received mixed reviews. Whether or not Voight is willing to take that kind of risky public stance for Trump remains to be seen, but right now he sounds ready to take the stage.

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