Famous Doctor Drops Hillary Health Bombshell…SHOCKS Nation! [WATCH]

We’ve talked recently about the rumors of Hillary Clinton’s health. More and more rumors are surfacing about the candidates failing health, ranging from a stroke to full on Parkinson’s disease.

The fact that she refuses to release any details to debunk this only adds fuel to the fire, as doctors and health experts speculate on what’s really going on.

There’s a very real possibility that the Democratic Party has nominated a terminally ill candidate, one who will not even be able to fulfill her duties in office. This is shameful and should never have happened.

Now more medical experts are weighing in on the matter. What they have to say is not good at all.

From Info Wars:

Board-certified medicine specialist and TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky says he is “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health, noting that the treatment she has received is “bizarre” and could explain the “weird side-effects” that people are seeing.

Appearing on KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning, the hosts of the show were expecting Dr. Drew, known as “America’s most trusted physician,” to debunk claims that Hillary is having significant health problems, but Pinsky instead dropped several bombshells.

Among the things he spoke about was the fact that Hillary has been given weird medication (for her 2012 fall), which could be adding to her problems.

“So the very medicine doctors are using may be causing this problem and they’re using an old fashioned medicine to treat it – what is going on with her health care?” asked Pinsky.

Pinsky said the situation was “bizarre,” adding that Hillary’s medical condition was “dangerous” and “concerning”.

His overall findings from the reports that are available are that Hillary is being given outdated and dangerous health care. Pretty shocking, considering the woman can have access to the very best care. Pinsky said this is only adding to her health issues by causing dangerous side effects.

The Clinton campaign and the media assert that questions over Hillary’s health have been “debunked,” but a Rasmussen poll found that 59% of Americans want to see her full medical records released.

Hillary’s campaign is simply trying to cast shade on the rumors. Their denials are only making things worse. Why aren’t they supplying a full medical report? Donald Trump released an official report from his doctor months ago, detailing all pertinent medical figures.

We’ve yet to see anything that debunks voters’ real concerns over the Clinton’s health. Instead we see more evidence that something’s not right, including long breaks from public appearances and odd behavior while behind the podium.

Could the democrats be pushing a woman sicker that FDR for president? Shouldn’t the American people know if they are voting for a future invalid?

Source: Info Wars

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