WOW: Nigel Farage Crashes 10,000 Strong Trump Rally! He Makes A STUNNING Announcement…

It would be pretty difficult for anyone to steal the spotlight from “The Donald” at a Trump rally, but Nigel Farage gave it a shot. The former leader of the UK Independence Party and took the podium in Jackson, Mississippi last night to explain the parallels between his successful Brexit campaign to pull England out of the European Union, and Trump’s quest for the White House.

During his speech, Farage tested the huge crowd’s patience, telling them how Brexit achieved victory and teasing the same for America.  At times onlookers were unsure if he would be booed or cheered.  You can watch the full speech below.

Via Real Clear Politics, Farage told thousands of Trump fans:

“You can beat the pollsters, you can beat the commentators, you can beat Washington. If you want change, you better get your walking boots on.”

“Anything is possible if enough decent people want to fight the establishment.”

“The big card the prime minister [David Cameron] decided to play in the referendum is he got a foreign visitor to come to London to talk to us. Yes, we were visited by one Barack Obama. And he talked down to us. He treated us as if we were nothing.”

Feigning restraint, Farage said he didn’t want to do what he’d criticized Obama for doing, that is: Lecturing foreigners about how to vote. Instead, he put it this way.

“I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if you paid me!” adding, “I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if SHE paid me!”

Hillary Clinton predicted the outcome of the Brexit vote incorrectly, whereas Trump read the pulse of the English and said they’ve vote to leave. Many believe the Brexit and Trump campaigns are signs of a new revolutionary, populist spirit that cannot be stopped. If Trump wins in November, just picture the domino effect is could have on the worldwide Establishment!

Credit: Real Clear Politics

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