WOW! The Fate Of #NeverTrump REVEALED…This Assures The Donald Will Win!

Oh what a few weeks will do.

When the GOP primaries were at their hottest, with several major contenders vying for the nomination, it seemed like the powers at be were conspiring to move the hands of fate.

Scores of established Republicans were doing everything they could to stop Donald Trump from gaining the nomination.

The trend was branded by the not-so-Internet savvy as #StopTrump and #NeverTrump. Apparently, they didn’t realize how corny that sounded or that Trump has a massive following online.

As the primaries changed and more and more candidates dropped out, this movement refused to relent. Despite being the front runner, gobbling up delegates left and right, the #NeverTrump backers kept trying to concoct a plan that would thwart him.

They pushed a Canadian-born, Texas Senator to the front, hoping Ted Cruz could steal enough votes to force a brokered convention. They hoped the lack of support from such unpopulars like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would hurt Trump. Nothing worked. Trump is running unopposed, sure to clinch the nomination.

Now it looks a few of the #NeverTrumpers are coming to their senses. Fear that a fractured GOP could help Hillary Clinton gain the White House, they are changing their tune. #NeverTrump has turned into #OkayTrump. My, my, my!

From Hot Air:

The likelihood of Donald Trump being the GOP nominee is apparently causing some people in the #NeverTrump camp to become #OkayTrump. Jazz looked at this earlier today, specifically mentioning how the idea of Hillary Clinton as president appears to be causing much of the angst within the Republican Party. He isn’t the only one to notice this, as National Review (the ones who put out the “Against Trump” issue just months ago) contributing editor Deroy Murdock also jumped into the #OkayTrump crowd. 

Murdock understands the massive damage a tyrant like Clinton would to, should she become President. He fears the liberal rampage that would come in the form of lawsuits against “global warming” skeptics, among the other kinds of infractions she would commit against our rights.

Clinton doesn’t respect our Constitutional rights, most notably the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, but also would be fine with clamping down on our freedom of speech, press, and religion, to push her goals.

National Review isn’t the only place looking to possibly change its tune on Trump. The Weekly Standard put out an email last week with the header “Can America afford 4 more years of Obama policies under Hillary?” which shows the formerly #NeverTrump outlet is warming a bit to Trump. It could be the outlets are deciding to just be #NeverHillary because no one should want Clinton to be president.

Many of these outlets have been outspoken against Trump’s political stance, hence the original opposition. Some question their sudden support, thinking it’s all about getting behind the winning horse. Perhaps.

Perhaps the original opposition was just a knee-jerk reaction to the unapologetic businessman’s attitude and bravado. Now that he is gaining momentum, they’re willing to adjust and back his candidacy.

Regardless, we can all agree a Trump presidency is better for the country than a Hillary Clinton one. Unless of course, you want to live in a dictatorship.

Source: Hot Air

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